Descendants Of The Sun Was Actually Supposed To Star Gong Yoo, Not Song Joong Ki


They are monitored by South Korean N. Something goes wrong, and a gunfight breaks out. Pyo barely escapes with his life, but manages to elude Jeong, obsessed with bagging him. It appears that someone in the North Korean embassy has been selling secrets and is now preparing to defect to the South. Pyo begins to suspect his estranged wife Ryeon Jeong-hee Jeon Ji-hyun, a. Gianna Jang, The Thieves. Meanwhile the Northern headquarters is sending Dong Myung-soo Ryoo Seung-beom, Perfect Number , a sadistic interrogator and cold-blooded assassin, to clean up the mess. The Berlin File was one of ‘s biggest domestic hits 7. Although apparently beset by a series of production difficulties, it is an impressively mounted thriller: Many domestic viewers compared the film to the Jason Bourne series, but despite a few superficial concession to the latter’s fragmentary style, The Berlin File is a throwback to the “serious” espionage thrillers of ’60s and ’70s, films such as The Quiller Memorandum , also set in Berlin and written by Harold Pinter , A Dandy in Aspic and Three Days of Condor

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Admin Serious Dating This might be due to the fact that his first girlfriend dumped him. And… I miss Joong And. Wednesday, November 22, He rejoined his idol group SpeXial for their very first concert on May 22, Our OTP had a strong intense chemistry between them and it immediately made fans fall in love with the couple.

Joo Won and Moon Chae Won got together in a curious situation. The two actors have been preparing for their upcoming drama, KBS′ Good Won will take up the role of Park Si On, a man with savant syndrome, while Moon Chae Won will be surgeon fellow Cha Yoon Seo.

His family consists of his parents and one older brother. Things changed for Kim Hyun-Joong by his middle school days. He started working part-time since the 2nd year of middle school and, because of this, his school grades suffered. Often, during this time, he wound up at the police station for fighting. They were quite popular in his local neighborhood of Songpa-gu in Seoul. SS released their self-titled debut album “SS ” on June 23, Kim Hyun-Joong was at first reluctant to take on the role of Yoon Ji-Hoo due to fear of ruining his musical career.

Nevertheless, Kim Hyun-Joong agreed to play the role and then performed due diligence on his character. Kim Hyun-Joong went out and bought all 37 episodes of the original manga “Hana yori Dango”. Kim Hyun-Joong stated in press conference for ” Boys Over Flowers ” that he learned to be more patient and calm through his acting experience. Kim Hyun-Joong was then quarantined at a hospital in Japan. After making a complete recovery, Kim Hyun-Joong was finally able to return to South Koorea one week later.

In a promotional interview, Kim Hyun-Joong stated that to improve his pronunciation he felt he mumbled sometimes , he held a wine cork in his mouth while practicing his lines. He did mention that they went to the movies together and once went on a fishing trip.

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They are listed in the order of their release. Suddenly At Midnight Seon-hee, the wife of a wealthy butterfly researcher is pleased to hear that her husband has contracted a new maid. The girl is young and pretty, though she comes with a tragic past: The couple and their daughter welcome the orphaned young woman into their home, but Seon-hee begins to have misgivings later when she sees a strange wooden doll that the maid has brought with her.

For several weeks she has been having nightmares and visions about this very same doll. Korean horror films from the 70s and 80s can be memorable, fascinating, and at times even cute, but they are rarely frightening.

Hace unas semanas os hablamos del nuevo drama de Song Joong Ki y Moon Chae Won, y os comentaba las ganas que tenía de ver trabajar juntos a estos 2 .

Here are some of our favorite looks from the drama so far. Kang Mo Yeon is the main female character of the drama. She starts out in the drama as a doctor who works hard in hopes of getting a professor position at her hospital. She rules the operations team because of her experience. However, Mo Yeon soars to popularity through the show and becomes the mascot of the hospital. In order to fulfill her TV personality role, Mo Yeon does not operate anymore.

As she becomes more popular, she becomes known throughout the hospital all the way to the chairman of the hospital. When she runs into a dispute with the chairman, she is sent to Urk on a contract job. Because Mo Yeon is a busy doctor, most of her fashion choices in the beginning of the show reflect her busy lifestyle. As she becomes well known through the TV show, we see her fashion elevated to be more professional, but still fashionable. Her best looks so far: Princess of Arabia look, check.

Yoo Si Jin is the main male character of the drama. Si Jin is a captain in a special forces team within the army.


To exact revenge, the man uses another woman who lost her memory Ma-Roo Song Joong-Ki is a promising medical student. Both Ma-Roo and Jae-Hee come from poor family backgrounds, but try hard to achieve their dreams:

song hye kyo thua nhan da gap song joong ki o new york – 1 Find this Pin and more on iPhone 6 Wallpapers by iLikewallpaper-iOS Wallpaper. More on Song Hye-Kyo Fashion! Song Hye-Kyo’s fashion during interviews about her role in Descendants of the Sun was the focus of our fashion talk today.

Yes, she was elegantly beautiful but my mind was preoccupied on the romance between the main lead stars. Also, I get annoyed whenever she’s on the scene because she keeps on pushing herself in between Eun Song and Hwan. What made me like her character was when she finally admitted her mistakes and chose to do the right thing. It made me realized that my dislike on her while watching the show was irrational and I wasn’t looking at what her character may have felt. I didn’t count on the fact that the man she have always loved and longed for was suddenly gone.

She was only desperate to make him finally notice her. That’s why, all the wrong things she did Afterall, she was not just losing the love of her life but also her best friend and savior. So, thumbs up to Chae Won for doing a wonderful potrayal of a woman asking to be loved. Similarity to her character in BL:


Her Instagram account has more than two million followers so far but the actress has maintained only two entities to follow: Song Joong Ki may be the reason? Since “Descendants of the Sun” ended, the two have been rumored to be in a relationship but neither of them officially mentioned that they were a couple.

Song Joong-Ki has continued to be active in his career. After the series ended, he attended fan meetings as well as actively involving himself with local and international product endorsements.

Actress Moon Chae Won talks about her co-worker Song Joong Ki from KBS’s drama “Nice Guy.” On November 21, she appeared at CGV in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul for the 33rd Blue Dragon Awards Handprinting Ceremony.

Anda juga bisa membaca Profil Jung So Min. Beikutnya koleksi foto dari Kim Hyun Lintas Berita – Artis Korea: Pria ini adalah termasuk Drama Korea Dream High ckckc jangan lupa baca artikel artis korea lainnya Foto Artis Korea artiskorea. Pria kelahiran 6 Juni ini bernama lengkap

SONG JOONG KI & MOON CHAE WON (ChaeKi Couple) Sweet Moment @ Nice Guy BTS Part.1

Comment 0 Descendants of the Sun star Song Joong-ki is speculated to have gone bald! After the hero of the super-hit Korean drama swept Asia with record ratings, there have been widespread rumours and all kinds of speculations about his next move—that also includes a sequel to the successful series read about the possibilities of Descendants of the Sun II starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo here. Meanwhile, there are talks about Song Joong-ki donning the role of another soldier in his next film Battleship Island, for which the actor-heartthrob is supposed to go bald.

The film begins shooting in June. But the million-dollar question now is, has the star already tonsured his head? The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia – directly to your inbox Seems that a photograph of the star wearing a cap has stirred a speculation that the star has already shaven his head.

Song Joong Ki’s irreplaceable visual [Pann] Produce Brand New Music trainee self com [Spoilers] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ep 16 Moon Chae Won to take legal action of boyfriend cl The fakeness of dating show comes to light as Lee.

Frankly, I have another favorite couple beside Chaeki. I even ship them long before I ship Chaeki. It seems they were having chit chat at that time. And then my delusional thought in action. Fyi Yonghwa and his bandmates have a same project endorsing clothes brand with Chae Won last year. My mind keep asking and curious about Yonghwa-Chaewon-Joong Ki since then.

And not long ago, May , Baeksang award was held. Honestly, I was looking forward to this event as I would to see my favorite couple Chaeki and Yongshin there. Yonghwa and Shinhye had good memories in Baeksang Award. In and Yonghwa went to stage on purpose and gave a flower bouquet to Shinhye when she won award. I hope it will happen again this year. But unexpectedly Joong Ki sat beside Shinhye at Baeksang award The same delusional thought I had before at award event where Joong Ki had chit chat with Yonghwa comeback at that time.


He actually did not debut as an actor. He started as a participant in Quiz Korea, a popular game show in Korea. He was able to proceed to the finals, and that lead him to fame as an actor. He rose to fame in the historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and variety show Running Man. He has also starred in feature films, notably as the titular character in the box office hit A Werewolf Boy. After his mandatory military service, he took on the lead role in the award-winning drama, Descendants of the Sun.

Home» Song Joong Ki is Not a Homo!! Song Joong Ki is Not a Homo!! admin June 22, Movies 0 Comments 50 views. Yoo Yeon Seok talks about dating and how Moon Chae Won reacted to his dirty jokes. Aiza January 5, Korean Film Night Lightens Cannes. admin May 20,

He arrived in Singapore on the 1st of December and undertook fanmeetings and interviews with Singaporean media for the next two days. On the 3rd, he went to the IMM Sky Garden to greet over female fans, signing autographs and taking pictures. From Singapore, the star went to Malaysia on the 4th and started his activities straight away, as he attended a fanmeeting with over Malaysian fans. With an angelic baby in his arms, Lee Seung Gi impressed the staff on set by personally stopping and calming the baby every time he cried.

Despite his busy schedule with his many variety programs and advertisement filmings, he was said to have made extra sure that he had time to lend a hand for this meaningful event. He even asked questions about the babies he took photos with in the past and truly gave his all. The event will run from December 15th to the 20th at the Insa Art Center. At least, at the start of the drama.

So what drew Moon to the role? Aside from getting her first opportunity to be the leading actress, she found herself drawn to the drama that is rooted in father-daughter love:

Song Joong ki ✦ Moon Chae Won – sweet moments ❤ [2]

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