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The version is the one I grew up on and is still on of my favorite animated films. I was so happy to learn the animated Beauty and the Beauty was getting a modern live-action production. I am such as big kid…I know I was more excited than her! Jordan my eight year old niece wearing a nostalgia novelty Beauty and the Beast tee! Jordan came to the movies very festive! I was only a few years younger than her when the original came out dont try to add up how old I am, old man.

The real moral of Beauty and the Beast

Teeth, claws Fate Returns to his human form after the spell is broken by Belle; they marry sometime thereafter Quote “So, you’ve come to stare at the beast, have you?! Are you happy here with me? A prince by birth, he was cursed by a mysterious Enchantress as punishment for his selfish and cruel nature; only by loving another and earning their love in return can the Beast free himself and those affected by the spell before time runs out.

As the film is based on the traditional fairy tale of the same name, the Beast is based on the corresponding character from that fairy tale. Contents Background Official Description Cursed by an enchantress because he has no love within his heart, a prince is transformed into a terrible beast. The fearful spell can only be broken when he truly learns to love – and can earn the love of another.

The beast has a little beastie of his own! Beauty and the Beast star Jay Ryan is a new dad! The CW heartthrob and his longtime girlfriend Dianna Fuemana welcomed their first child together, a.

An enchanted, secluded mansion in the French countryside. A girl in a yellow dress, swinging around a ballroom with her hairy courter-captor. A sassy candelabra with a French accent, an plump and overprotective teapot, an uptight British clock. The studio’s highly anticipated live-action remake is finally out March While the Disney cartoon made the story famous, the fairy tale has actually been in rotation for quite some time. And, believe it or not, Beauty and the Beast stems from real-life events dating back to the s.

Beauty and The Beast: a metaphor for NPD.

A photo of Alex and Vincent. Her Alex , me, J. Little is known of Vincent’s early life and childhood. T all remained friends well into adulthood.

And, believe it or not, Beauty and the Beast stems from real-life events dating back to the s. Wikimedia Commons The boy’s name was Petrus Gonsalvus, and he never wanted to be called a beast.

Gifted it to me, and paid for the registration herself, as I only paid a dolla for it. LMAO, ok yes it runs. But there is some minor repairs, interior design, etc. So, its a miracle and a blessing in disguise. I hope Emilia, Peter, Kit, Ygrett would do me a favor and keep me in their prayers with the 5 hail Mary’s, so I can make the biggest achievement of all time. I be keeping you posted soon! Have I got a story for you. Thank goodness I was sitting down, LOL. I never expected that, and I know some higher power above me, is helping me now.

Ok, Emilia does it better. But I wanted to share this with you, cause that was something I never asked for and never expected.

The real couple who inspired Beauty and the Beast: Groom was completely covered in wolf-like hair

Well, it’s nearly 6 AM and I’ve been up all night poring over this material. And I have to say it’s taken me in a direction I was not expecting. I really am beginning to wonder if we actually are all video game characters in some large-scale version of The Nines, because I feel as if this entire narrative was written long in advance of me stumbling onto it.

Other than the ways you might think, in light of the subject matter. It’s way past my bedtime and there’s a lot of material to look at here, so I’ll go through this as quickly as I can, since it’s clearly something I am going to be revisiting.

Beauty and the Beast Hardcover – Abridged by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince De Beaumont (Author), Walter Crane – The ultimate book for all Beauty and the Beast lovers. While it’s abridged from the original, the gorgeous red cover with an accompanying illustration looks amazing on any shelf.

A lot of people assume this about Lumiere but the eccentricities can be written off by virtue of the French accent. Cogsworth is involved in several questionable incidents, including a rather awkward moment with Maurice. Ever since David Ogden Stiers, who voiced Cogsworth, came out of the closet, the effect has only amplified. LeFou is a little too into Gaston , though considering how he was drooling over the Bimbettes, he could also be bisexual.

Potts looking like this during the Cut Song and later restored for the special edition release “Human Again. This is LeFou’s life.

Dirty John Isn’t Alone: TV’s Creepiest Relationships and Dating Horror Stories

Beauty and The Beast: That scene has haunted me for a long, long time and the other day, I felt inspired to watch it again, and was as—or even more moved by it—than the first time I saw it. And this time I knew why—the entire story of the Beast in this movie is a metaphor for a man suffering from NPD—who healed from it. As the movie opens, we are shown a series of stained-glass images telling the story of how the Beast became that way.

The real moral of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast I was a little disappointed in him as he and his girlfriend had already been dating for a full month. I’m sure she had been waiting for him to pop the question for a week, maybe two, but he must have .

It seems J K Rowling had a little help from history when creating her wizarding world Image: JK Rowling introduced us to Hogwarts, where pupils learned to cast spells and make potions, and Harry played quidditch on a flying broomstick. The new exhibit celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first-ever Harry Potter book Image: So pop along and see the ancient texts and artefacts that helped her work her magic Nicolas Flamel as a real person and alchemist Image: Hulton Archive The 16th-century Ripley Scroll is a six metre-long manuscript that allegedly describes how to make the stone and it takes its name from George Ripley, a priest and alchemist from Bridlington Priory, East Yorks.

This Ripley scroll from the 16th century apparently tell you how to make the coveted Philosopher’s stone Image: His tombstone is on show in the library along with the Ripley Scroll, but when the marker was discovered it was being used as a cutting board in a Parisian grocery store. Divination Harry and Ron may not have enjoyed divination but people centuries ago did Image: This is a real-life crystal ball from the 20th century Image:


January 7, What do you do when a good girl falls for a bad boy? This book should be required reading for parents and tweens alike, whether they are a boy or a girl. Vicki Crompton, one of the authors, lost her daughter at the hands of a murderous ex-boyfriend, and Ms. Crompton and her co-author give a raw, no-holds-barred look at the all-too-real world of teen dating violence. It also examines girl-on-boy dating abuse, which, though not reported nearly as often, does happen.

Aladdin vs. Beauty and the Beast. Disney, You Fu**ed Us Over: The Over-Romanticism of Modern Day Dating in a Nutshell Beauty and the Beast. In real life, Beast is not entrapped in a.

Did the true story involve a curse? The real Beauty and the Beast story didn’t involve a magical spell placed on a prince for his arrogance. Unfortunately, that also means no talking clock, teacup, candelabra, etc. The real “Beast” was a man named Petrus Gonsalvus, who suffered from a genetic condition known as hypertrichosis also known as Ambras syndrome , which is defined by an abnormal amount of hair growth on any part of the body in excess of the regular amount present in people of the same race, age and gender.

In Gonsalvus’ case, it affected his entire body. It has also been referred to informally as werewolf syndrome because the appearance is akin to the mythical werewolf. Excessive hair growth is the only known effect of the condition.

What’s Next for Lovers in ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

Plot[ edit ] A widower merchant lives in a mansion with his six children, three sons and three daughters. All his daughters are very beautiful, but the youngest, Beauty, is the most lovely, as well as kind, well-read, and pure of heart; while the two elder sisters, in contrast, are wicked, selfish, vain, and spoiled. The merchant eventually loses all of his wealth in a tempest at sea, which sinks most of his merchant fleet. He and his children are consequently forced to live in a small farmhouse and work for their living.

Beauty does most of the household work while her sisters taunt her. Some years later, the merchant hears that one of the trade ships he had sent has arrived back in port, having escaped the destruction of its companions.

James Corden recreated ‘Beauty and the Beast’ outside CBS studio with the help of Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and Luke Evans. “That was incredible. It was the most invigorating thing I’ve ever done,” Stevens said after the final number. “I crossed that road, and on the other side was.

Vince, Cat hot on the trail of a ‘beast-buyer’; baby on the way? As shared by SpoilerTV , Thursday’s episode titled “Beast Interrupted” will see the husband and wife team hunting down a buyer who is specifically looking to purchase beasts so he can trade them in the black market. They would also be protecting an heiress after her identity was exposed. With a black market buyer on the prowl, Vincent and Cat realize that they have so much to lose should Vincent’s true identity be revealed.

Whatever happens to Vincent at the end of Thursday’s episode could have a bearing on his and Cat’s long-term future, which CarterMatt teased may or may not include a baby in the equation. According to CarterMatt , “Beauty and the Beast” season 4’s fourth episode could have Cat discovering that she is pregnant while trying to uncover the identity of the person who is going after Vincent. This huge development could make Vincent and Cat finally think in the same vein and focus more on their long-term future than ever before.

It’s no secret that “Beauty and the Beast” season 4 is the series’ final season, and CarterMatt disclosed that a baby this soon in the picture could affect the storyline. Whether Vincent and Cat could raise a family despite the chaos that is their lives is something the season would answer, especially since the same episode would see Vincent’s life in jeopardy after following a particular lead. Incidentally, Vincent’s henchman and “beast protector” J.

Dirty John Isn’t Alone: TV’s Creepiest Relationships and Dating Horror Stories

That would be the adrenaline spikes caused by her constantly putting you, her and JT at risk. Vincent is distracted by his super-hearing picking up an armed robbery which, of course, he has to go stop by throwing the robber into a fridge. Nice — unfortunately he was caught on CCTV which is probably going to be a lot less nice. He came home and found her engagement ring on the table, the wardrobe door open and Amy missing.

Tess carefully tells him that she may have left him. He reacts as expected and Catherine agrees to look at the apartment — she calls it heartbreaking, Tess calls it pathetic.

Mar 28,  · Teen creates elaborate ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed promposal and the Beast’ promposal is like a real life fairytale. accurate recreation of the rose in a glass from Beauty and the Beast.

By Noelle Devoe Dec 29, The great thing about movie remakes is that the filmmakers get to go back and repair all the plot holes that accidentally ended up in the original. The new Beauty and the Beast is no exception — it fixes a bunch found in its predecessor. But in doing so, the film may have accidentally created a NEW plot hole The people in Belle’s village somehow were completely unaware of the Beast’s castle — an enormous royal structure looming right next to their town — until Belle ended up captive there.

The new movie patches this up with a quick little detail. We learn that the enchantress cursed the townspeople, too, causing them to forget that the prince, the castle, and its inhabitants ever existed. Except this change seemed to open up a whole new incongruity in the story. Under the years-long curse, the Beast and his servants didn’t age. As an example, look at Chip: He’s still a young child when he regains his human form at the end of the movie.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Fair enough, but the weird thing is that people outside the castle didn’t seem to age, either.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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