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From the historical records of the Imperial Inquistion To: Inquisitor Bigotin, Ordo Hereticus Subject: Astropath Wulesh Salutations Lord! I am pleased to report that the heretical witch-coven, the blasphemous sect known as “Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft” has been eliminated, and every member of this vile cult has been cleansed with fire and sword. Accompanied by five squads of veteran Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, two hundred local militia, a dozen arco-flagellants, two Penitent Engines, and three squads drawn from the Order of the Holy Nimbus, we began our assault upon the fortress of the enemy at dawn’s first light. Although the castle was hidden from normal sight by a myriad of hexes and foul enchantments, these wards were easily bypassed thanks to the psyk-out strike launched by the Persecution, and we were able to begin the assault. We stormed the grounds, suffering only minor casualties from various self-defense spell-traps that the enemy had placed within the grounds. These traps were disposed of quickly by my cadre of sanctioned psykers, and we able to press on. We were soon accosted by a heavily-haired mutant of exceptional height and bulk see pict attachments upon approaching the castle’s main portcullis.

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Millennium Check Number The check number refers to the accuracy in the date as compared to time on Terra, with 0 being the most accurate and 9 being the least. Class 0 refers to events that occurred on Terra , with each increasing number being a further degree of separation from Terra. Location Based A 0 means that the event occurred on Terra. A 1 means that the event occurred within the Sol system.

Contact Based A 2 means that the event occurred while someone present for the event was in direct psychic contact with Terra or the Sol system. A 3 means that an individual or organization present was in psychic contact with a 2 source while the event occurred.

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The mob had been whittled down through bolter fire and was very close to losing Mob Rule. Although the Big Mek’s power weapon was able to take out two Terminators, the other three were able to survive long enough to inflict the damage necessary to cause the mob to fall back and eventually run off the table. As much as I would have liked to back off and get a couple of turns to wear down a second mob that was only a short distance behind the first, the mob was too close to avoid further close combat.

The Terminators fired into the second mob and assaulted to ensure that the Orks wouldn’t get their furious charge. This fight saw the end of the Terminators but not before they severely weakened the second mob. When the mob headed towards the Tactical Squad, they were slaughtered by bolter fire and the survivors ran off the board. A quick count showed that the Terminators earned back their points, which is something that particular squad seems to struggle at.

Greenskins slaughtered or your money back Near the end of the game the assault half of my Tactical Squad was finished off by Loota and Guard fire, although not before it wiped out a squad of Guardsmen that was perfectly positioned to be hit with a flamer template. I rarely have such success with a flamer.

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Games Workshop and W40k are the same thing. Games Workshop made both Warhammer and the W40k universe. There are NO other gods than the 4. Greater or lower daemons live and die at the whims of the 4 Gods. GW and 40k are not the same thing.

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Share The Imperial Dating System of the Imperium of Man , also known as the Imperial Calendar, is fairly complex in nature, and has been structured so as to deal with the vast amount of recorded history that exists in the 41st Millenium and the massive distances between settled human worlds, which can lead to long periods of isolation. Also the vagaries and time-warping effects of the Immaterium can make it almost impossible to keep accurate track of time over long journeys.

The Imperium has developed its own method of recording dates, which needs a bit of explanation. Most importantly, the years are always “Anno Domini” AD using the numbering system of our own present-day Gregorian Calendar, so the dates themselves are the ones that we are familiar with now. A typical date as Imperial scholars write it would look something like 0.

This date can be divided up so that each part is explained separately: The check number refers to the accuracy of a given date, which is required for clarity due to the common distortions of subjective linear time that occur while travelling within the Warp , and inaccuracies in timing on remote or isolated Imperial worlds and star systems. Check numbers are listed using the following numeric classes: Referring to an event which happened within the Sol System.

The source for the event the date records was in direct psychic contact with the Sol System or Terra when the date reference was made. The source for the event the date records was in direct contact with a Class 2 source, though not the Sol System itself. The source for the event the date records was in contact with a Class 3 source.

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Lead Adventure League Season 11 finished! It was a great time and I might even take part again next year, but we’ll see It is a lot of work, and ten weeks is a lot of weeks! The first and only previous season I entered was Season 8 way back in ! So, I threw together all of my entries in order and put them in the Lead Painter’s League Season 8 gallery. What is the Lead Painter’s League you ask? Well, it’s a contest put on annually where all interested painters submit 10 rounds worth of figure images.

It runs over 10 weeks and it’s really a lot of fun just to see the entries posted every week.

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They are ancient beyond reckoning, pre-dating even the Eldar. Yet, they are beginning to awaken, for the galaxy is ripe for harvest. The Necrontyr Not a lot is known about the origins or the ancient race known as the Necrontyr. They are one of the earliest sentient races in the galaxy, older than even the ancient Eldar, appearing only a few million years after the birth of the stars. Their world was scourged by the radiation of the massive, violent star it closely orbited, cursing them to drastically short lifespans.

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Television feminism , Jenn Kilgallon , tabletop gaming , warhammer 40k Jenn Kilgallon As a beginning Warhammer 40K hobbyist, I wondered about some of the battles I had sat on the sidelines for, which were ones that encompassed mostly male players. I had never met another female Warhammer 40K player in all of my time of being an active shopper of local games. I had never encountered one painting or battling at the games that the shops hold events for.

My closest experience was that of an acquaintance who was a paint-to-hire artist who painted models in exchange for pay. But Warhammer 40K was way different. I have not engaged in a battle yet, but my experience being around some players had been negative. But the other part was to gain respect, regardless of my gender.

While some guys, including many of my close friends, have been enthusiastic about battling their ravenous Tyranids or pious Grey Knights against my fabulous Eldar, others have been reluctant to believe that I could play my figures well, or understand the rules of the game. Let me start with this: Warhammer 40K takes a lot of studying and research to play. Finally, there is a whole lore behind Warhammer 40K to be discovered. If you want to play, you have to immerse yourself into the world of Warhammer 40K and battling.

Paint Selection Adventure at Battleground Games and Hobbies I am all about embracing this new endeavor, knowing that I love hobbies and spending time on things I care about.

Imperial Fists

Actually, I disagree with quite a bit in here. The dominant interpretation is that the Exodus is a exilic narrative, yes, but there is a lot of historical material in Kings and Chronicles, for instance, albeit with heavy political and theological alteration. King lists, major building projects, and invasions are all attested beyond the biblical texts.

The minimalist position of the revisionists like Philip Davies that place the bulk of the creation of the Hebrew Bible in the exilic, post-exilic, or even Hellenistic periods are really a minority view, and most biblical historians and archaeologists agree that considerable portions were in place by the time of Josiah.

Explore the Factions Warhammer 40, is a vast, rich universe full of epic heroes, monstrous villains and a host of unique characters in between. Here, you’ll learn more about the forces vying for power, territory, and glory across the galaxy.

Originating from Terra Earth , it is an interstellar crusade that claims the galaxy as the rightful domain of Humankind, and aims to reunite the multitude of scattered human colonies remaining from earlier space exploration under the domain of an “Imperium of Man”. Its grand mastermind is the “Emperor of Mankind”, a mysterious superhuman of unknown origin. He has declared an agnostic worldview , the “Imperial Truth”, which promotes science, rationalism , and human primacy.

Officially, the Imperium denies the existence of psychic phenomena, including its manifestations as witchcraft and sorcery , and punishes its belief as ignorant and superstitious; yet the Imperium is also dependent on psychic activity in order to achieve faster-than-light travel between its scattered dominions. The Emperor knows that psychic phenomena originate in The Warp, a parallel dimension reflecting the events of the material world at its most emotional.

Within the Warp exist Daemons, sentient vortices of concentrated feeling that are chiefly malignant.

Wh40k Fluff for the uninitiated – Episode 1: Imperial Dating System

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