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Sapphire The most popular form of sapphire is blue sapphire, which is known for its medium to deep blue colour and strong saturation. Fancy sapphires of various colours are also available. In the United States, blue sapphire tends to be the most popular and most affordable of the three major precious gemstones emerald, ruby, and sapphire. Turquoise is prized for its attractive colour, most often an intense medium blue or a greenish blue, and its ancient heritage. Turquoise is used in a great variety of jewellery styles. It is perhaps most closely associated with southwest and Native American jewellery, but it is also used in many sleek, modern styles. Some gemstones like pearls, coral, and amber are classified as organic, meaning that they are produced by living organisms. Others are inorganic, meaning that they are generally composed of and arise from minerals. Some gems, for example, amethyst , have become less valued as methods of extracting and importing them have progressed. Some man-made gems can serve in place of natural gems, such as cubic zirconia , which can be used in place of diamond.

Cameo Jewelry

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May 01,  · Like most jewelry, cameos go in and out of style. Wildly popular in Victorian times, they languished until the s and ’50s when they enjoyed a bubble of .

The Bible makes numerous references to jewels and precious stones. The difficulty has been in knowing the exact identity of the stones named. As more information surfaces thanks to archaeological findings and the writings of ancient historians such as Theophrastus BC , Elder Pliny AD , and Josephus AD , we are able to come a bit closer to making some identifications sure.

Agates are a form of chalcedony a fine-grained variety of quartz that are banded or lined in a variety of patterns of colored layers. Colors range from white to dull yellow, red, brown, orange, blue, black and gray. Agates were highly prized among ancient civilizations. It was fashioned into beads, pins, brooches, signet rings, goblets, cups, bottles, bowls, and carved figurines. Large amounts of agate have been found in archaeological digs of Sumer, dating back to BC.

Theophrastus BC appears to have been the first man to write about agates. It ranges in color from golden yellow to orange-brown. Other versions use the terms glowing metal or gleaming bronze. It is the Hebrew word hashmal. The exact original meaning of the word is uncertain. This is where we get the word electricity.

Intaglios and Cameo rings. Help dating them!

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In addition to dusting cameos with a soft artist’s sable brush, the following instructions are provided by Anna M. Miller in her book, Cameos Old and New. HARDSTONES: Only the hardest stones (like diamonds, ruby, and sapphire) can be cleaned with ultrasonic machines or commercial jewelry cleaners.

Though they long pre-date the Victorian era, for Victorians who loved travel, a cameo might represent a meaningful souvenir of a Grand European Tour. The Victorian fascination with all things historic is demonstrated in the classical Greek profiles and mythological motifs. Reflecting the Victorians love of gardening and nature, floral cameos were also popular. Carved in seashell, ivory, lava or stone, cameos could be set in precious or non-precious metals. Although thought of as primarily an Italian art, there were also cameo carvers in America and other countries.

Quality and beauty of carving is the prime factor determining value, but cameos set in precious metal ornamented with diamonds, seed pearls or enameling are most desirable. Check condition by holding the cameo up to the light to detect possible cracks. This one has tiny pink enameled butterflies on the corners of the filigree frame.

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Purchase Handmade Bead Jewelry at: Pendants formed of quadrilateral prisms set on each side with cabochon garnets and hung with small strings of garnet beads are attached to the ears of the tenth-century figure of St. Foy in the treasury at Conques, though it is not impossible that these, like many of the gems that adorn the statue, may be of earlier workmanship.

That the Byzantine style of earring, of crescent form, was worn during the eleventh and twelfth centuries is evident from a twelfth-century bronze ewer, in the shape of a head of a woman, of Flemish work, in the Museum of Budapest. Earrings, however, enjoyed no great popularity during the Middle Ages, and the cause of this must be traced to the fashion which prescribed for women a style of coiffure by which the hair fell down at the sides, or was covered by a veil.

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Viking crafters were very big on this style. This child’s sock is from ancient Egypt, in Coptic style; wonderful how it has kept its colors! Coptic Christians of Roman Egypt liked to make a separate pouch for the big toe. Japanese work boots still have them today. A Day in Pompeii 9: This has sound, special effects; you are there, looking out an upper story window. It’s scary and eerily fascinating.

Bonhams to auction cameos from the 4th century BC

Very showy for year ’round sparkling color. Signed in back Coro c. Attributed to Coro; at the pony’s front hooves is an arrangement of green enameled leaves, the enameled rhinestone centered flower in the pony’s mouth is seen in other Coro jewels, including horse jewels Victor along with recognizable construction and design. He’s high quality with good heft, made from thick cast metal finished with golden plating. The near-Excellent condition is remarkable–I could not find any wear in the plating on the front, and on the back, only a bit along the edges.

Rhinestones are bright and faux pearls are faultless.

Cameos dating to BCE 79 were discovered in in the ruins of ancient Pompeii. Lava cameos were popular in Victorian England as souvenirs of a European tour. Courtesy of MMH Collection.

Sales Pages Previous 1 2 3 4 Next Item: They are both peeking upward at the baby Jesus, held by his mother, Mary. She is flanked by Saint Sixtus and Saint Barbara. All are posed on a bed of clouds — seen around the edges of the cameo. This beautifully hand carved shell cameo c. See if you can capture these Curious Cherubs for your own! Michael, the Archangel, slaying the devil. This cameo is simply incredible.

The scene is alive with exciting details — the huge wings, the upraised sword, the armor with wonderful sleeve detail and the furiously swirling draperies — all speak of the moment to come. Satan has wonderful facial features and his wings appear to be webbed. The flames of hell surround him as St. Michael pulls on the chain about to dispatch him forever.

A Guide to Antique Georgian Jewelry

London—The Bonhams Fine Jewellery sale scheduled to take place in London in September features a collection of rare and historic cameos and intaglios dating as far back as the 4th century B. It will be sold without reserve. An American family assembled the collection over a year period, from the s to the s, with the pieces ranging in date from the 4th century B. The engraved gems depict a broad range of subjects in miniature, including gods and goddesses of the ancient world and portraits of historical figures.

Cameos depicting classical scenes and profiles reigned supreme, Cupid and Psyche being particularly popular—note the centerpiece of what has come to be known as the Cameo Tiara, a gift from Napoleon to Josephine in that is now in the hands of the Swedish royal family.

Lot 19 , Diamond andamp; demantoid garnet pendant-brooch; Center: Lot 32 , Antique diamond, demantoid andamp; silver-topped gold brooch, c. Lot 48 , Edwardian diamond andamp; platinum necklace, c. From contemporary pieces to antiques, jewelry hallmarks are typically found on gold and silver jewelry. A Brief History of Jewelry Marks To be considered an antique, a piece of jewelry must be years or older, while a vintage piece must be 20 years or older.

Retro jewelry refers to pieces made during the s and s and are characterized by the use of large and colorful gemstones. Lot , 3-row coral necklace, silver , c. Jewelry marks in France stretch back even earlier, with examples first seen in the 13th century. Paloma Picasso earrings, 18k yellow gold, Alex Cooper November 4 With antique and vintage pieces, French brand Cartier had to adhere to several guidelines set forth by the French government.

Present-day Cartier jewelry is always engraved with the Cartier logo, along with a serial number specific to that piece only. Many of these symbols and letters found on jewelry originate from assay offices.

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They make cameos from about 26 different types of shell but for the most part there shell that came from the sea. The setting may be gold, silver, brass, or pinchback but the cleaning is almost the same. There are quite a few fancy and expensive ways to clean cameo jewelry such as ionic cleaners, steam cleaners, and many more.

But whenever you enter a priceless old cameo into the modern world of cleaners you take a chance of damaging your cherished piece of jewelry. If you have to choose one i would go with the ionic cleaner rather then the others just because you will rarely have any damage with that particular cleaner. Be sure to get the one with the electrical cord because the battery powered ones just do not have as much umph.

The Baltic region actually has the largest known deposit of amber dating from about million years ago. Sure it is not the oldest kind of amber in the world, but its beauty is simply stunning. By the way, people mostly use the amber that is about million years old.

Any idea on value for this bone cameo? It belonged to my mother and no one seems to be able to value it. Frankly, the image sent is so blurry that I have a hard time viewing details. The cameo appears to be set as a round brooch. The bezel is gold tone metal and looks to be in good shape, but composition is impossible to determine. It could be gold or it could be an alloy. The cameo itself is Oriental in theme and is carved so that it has several dimensions. I can make out a pagoda and what looks like a procession.

The work seems to be well carved.

Crystal Cameo Rings

Timeless, Miniature Carvings for Jewelry Lovers Sharon Bohannon June 23, A group of cameos shows the progression from rough shell to the final carved cameo. It is perhaps the first known selfie! Cameo portraits of rulers and nobility or scenes of historical events have been highly valued ever since. Prior to Alexander, carvings were cut below the surface — intaglio — and used as seals of identification.

The seals usually depicted animals of strength, such as lions or bears, and figures from Greek or Roman mythology. A courtship cameo shell brooch from the Georgian era shows depth of color and detail in a landscape scene.

Dating a cameo is not an easy task because designs have been repeated over time and hand carving techniques have remained essentially the same. Modern techniques such as ultrasonic stone cutting can produce new cameos that are then mistaken for old ones.

Marcasite Cameo Background The cameo has a long and rich history. Today cameos are worn almost exclusively by women, however throughout history there were several time periods where cameos were also men’s jewelry. Cameos were well-loved in ancient Greece and Rome, and examples have even been found dating back to the 6th century BC. During the s Queen Victoria was fond of cameos and wore them frequently, which made them popular and fashionable. There was an interest in ancient Greece and Roman cultures at the time, and so the images on the cameos tended to have a Grecian look about them.

Women also liked having their own likenesses carved into the cameos. Crystal Cameos Delicate cameo rings are the sort of accessories that accentuate and draw attention to your hands. Because cameos were popular during the reign of Queen Victoria, there are beautiful Victorian cameo rings that can still be found in antique shops, antique malls and antique auctions, if you’re willing to put in the hours required for the search.

Styles of Crystal Cameo Rings There is plenty of variety among crystal cameo rings, so you might choose to pick up a few different kinds. The classic cameo image is that of a woman’s profile, however that is not the only design used by jewelry makers. Floral images are sometimes seen, as well as landscape scenes.

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Featuring nearly brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and rings created by designers from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, Jewelry of Ideas will illuminate the radical conceptual and material developments in jewelry design that have transformed the field. Children under 19 free New York, NY metmuseum. Five examples presented in this exhibition will create a cosmic field into which viewers will enter, encircled by paintings of ritual performance.

The exhibition is occasioned by the recent acquisition of a superb early Vajracarya crown dating to the 13th or early 14th century; this will be joined by an 18th-century crown already in the collection and two others recently discovered in the Department of Arms and Armor. Bronze and wooden ritual utensils, Nepalese cloth paintings, and archival photographs of ritual enactment will complete the exhibition.

Jewellery (British English) or jewelry (American English) consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and ery may be attached to the body or the clothes. From a western perspective, the term is restricted to durable ornaments, excluding flowers for example.

Buy Dumortierite Quartz Chalcedony belongs to the very large group of quartz minerals. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals, second only to the feldspars. Considering the abundancy of quartz minerals, there are numerous similar and related ‘chalcedony’ and ‘actual chalcedony’ gemstones. In fact, there are so many unofficial trade names today for varieties of chalcedony, that it’s almost impossible to list them all, especially since new names pop up often and new varieties are continuously being ‘discovered’, most of which are simply locality-based names, often dependent on the exact mining location.

For the most part, unofficial regional trade names are used only by the most serious of gem collectors, while officially recognized trade names are commonly used by the gem industry, which minimizes confusion and conflict. Agate , jasper, onyx , carnelian , cat’s eye quartz, golden quartz also known as ‘lemon quartz’ , beer or whiskey quartz, mystic quartz, rose quartz , tiger’s eye , agate geode and aventurine are some of the most popular and well-known related varieties of chalcedony.

Blue quartz, chrysocolla , chrysoprase , prase, fire agate , sard, sardonyx, plasma, fossil coral , chrome chalcedony mtorodite , cornelian onyx, hawk’s eye , prasiolite , pietersite , dumortierite quartz , tiger’s eye matrix , chrysocolla chalcedony gem silica and dendritic agate are some of the lesser-known related varieties of chalcedony. Chalcedony Gemstone Mythology, Metaphysical and Alternative Crystal Healing Powers Back to Top Chalcedony has been one of the most treasured gemstones throughout many ancient civilizations.

It is believed that as early as the Bronze Age, chalcedony was prized as a gem throughout areas surrounding the Mediterranean, owing to the discoveries of archaeologists. Many chalcedony seals and other forms of jewelry and fabricated tools have been discovered dating back as early as BC. Chalcedony has been used and prized by ancient Romans, Greeks, Babylonians and Assyrians alike. Many Native American tribes consider chalcedony to be sacred and most often use it in traditional ceremonial gatherings, particularly in efforts to stabilize and strengthen the bonds between tribes.

Onyx, a popular variety of chalcedony, is the official modern birthstone for December and it is also the official zodiac stone for Leo. Another chalcedony, known as carnelian, is the official stone for Virgo.

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