12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tokyo


Tsukiji Outer Market – Food market: Tsukiji [Closed Sun, some Wed. Originally set up to serve restaurants, the Outer Market is now Akihabara [Open 11am-8pm daily. The retail section offers a vast selection of food and Omotesando [Open 10am-4pm weekends only.


Japan is home to a very large commercial sex scene that at times can boggle the mind in its scope and style. The company has multiple locations. The place under review today is a branch in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo but the other locations operate in the same manner. Kirari Community Cafe is located right out in the open on a main street. Inside the entrance there is a very small lobby that looks more like a hallway.

Well, dating cafes (or deai cafe in Japanese) aren’t traditional. Dating cafes have many variations. The system works like this: men pay an entry fee, fill out a member’s card, and then enter the café.

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19 Awesome Day Trips From Tokyo

Buddhism[ edit ] Buddhist teachings regarding sex are quite reserved: For the Buddhist monks or nuns, chastity is mandatory since they live on the premise of getting rid of any feelings of attachment. Their way of living is regulated by very strict rules concerning behavior and this includes sex. Paid sex between ‘specified persons’ acquaintances is not prohibited.

Soaplands exploit this by providing a massage, during which the prostitute and client become ‘acquainted’, as a preliminary to sexual services.

The absolute King of meeting Filipinas is Online Dating. After the boom of the internet and social influence most Filipino’s figured out that foreigners around the .

Your next step should be to visit a rabbit cafe. Located in Shimo-Kitazawa, a hip town in Tokyo with heaps of funky cafes and restaurants, Usagi Cafe Ohisama is a must visit for those into kawaii culture. What is a Rabbit Cafe? A rabbit cafe is a cafe where you can hang out with rabbits and play with them while enjoying your tea, for example. At Usagi Cafe Ohisama you can select a rabbit or two from their little homes, then you can take them to your table, some comfy sofas, or just feed them on tatami mats.

Much more quiet and fun than other such cafes! There are plenty of clothes to try out and even rabbit themed meals.

Geisha makeover in Tokyo, a must do for men and women

Places where tourists are rapidly expanding from time to time. This article is a list of the obligatory places to visit if you want to get a feel for the place. The more sky-scraping a Ferris wheel is, the grander the city. It is built to modernize entertainment and be alluring to the public eye.

Mar 14,  · Net Cafe Refugees is a short minute documentary that plunges the viewer into the world of hour Internet-connected cubicles that serve as .

Usually when guys travel they want to go out to a singles bar, pull a slut, and move on to the next town. One night stands are going to be extremely rare here. On the other hand if you want to try meeting single girls in Hanoi to find a hot girlfriend then that could be worth it. Knowing a bit of Vietnamese will go a very long way. Knowing even a little bit can earn major brownie points. In the Philippines if you see a foreigner very well may be walking hand in hand with a cute Filipina.

Here that is rarely the case. They seem to stick to their own kind. We will talk about where to meet single girls in Hanoi during the day, in the Old Quarter nightlife, and also on Vietnamese dating sites. Those are probably your best option, but we will get into that later. There will be good restaurants and a lot of cheap hotels in this area. There is a huge coffee culture in this country and Hanoi girls are always going to cafes.

Silent cafes attract solo Japanese in search of peace

Dig deeper and discover the true spirit of the Samurai, uncovering tales of old and glimpsing traditional garments, weaponry and historical pieces. The museum pushes boundaries by hosting exhibits that foster action and curiosity through inclusive displays unpacking the world around us from a design perspective. The specialty here is kushiage, delectable skewers of carefully prepared meats and vegetables, deep-fried to golden perfection, served with sides and, if you like, an ice-cold Kirin.

Step through the white curtain, or noren, framing the entry, bearing the original mark of the store since its opening in , and explore a world of traditional Japanese sweets. More than just a piece of paper, washi is the perfection of an art form, each piece symbolising years of training and the mastery of a craft.

Minutes from Asakusa Station and brimming with tourists, worshippers and shoppers, Asakusa’s venerable Sensoji Temple is one of Tokyo’s major draws. The temple’s entrance, the imposing Kaminarimon Gate, is an iconic Asakusa photo spot with an impressive history to match.

As the only fully developed Asian mega city in the world, it has all sorts of wonders on offer—here is your guide on where to go, to meet sexy Japanese women. The first thing you should know is that Japanese people are weekend night owls. While the last train home for everyone is around midnight, many people out for a night on the town will catch the first train in the morning, around 5am. Roppongi is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Tokyo, along with Shinjuku and Kabukicho , Shibuya and Ginza.

Just a ways down the street towards Roppongi 1-Chome station is Ark Hills another similar complex. While the main street can still be pretty seedy, with lots of African touts trying to pull you into random bars and crowds of drunk western college kids roaming the street on weekends, it is still one of the best places to meet Japanese women.

In general Roppongi is a good choice for meeting women at clubs, bars and cafes when the after work crowd is getting dinner or drinks. During weekends there are plenty of attractive women walking around. When it comes to meeting girls at night, however, there are far more options. Bars First off, the club and bar scene is constantly shifting.

Why Lovestruck is the best dating site for you

If you know where to look, there are lots of things for singles to do in Japan. While some people prefer to look for love at gokon dating events or free beach house parties , here at SoraNews24, our unattached female Japanese-language reporters prefer to walk a different path, choosing to go out and simply have fun on their own, and if love happens to run into their path along the way, so be it.

With that in mind, our reporter Momo decided to set out on a journey around town recently, jumping aboard one of the tours arranged by the ever-popular Hato Bus company. Host clubs are an intriguing aspect of Japanese culture, with handsome young men waiting on customers like royalty as soon as they walk into their establishment. Still, it can be an intimidating experience for first-timers to gather up the courage to enter one of these clubs on their own, so this Host Club Tour lets you peek into their world and rub shoulders with the good-looking men in a much more friendly and relaxing environment.

Tokyo has it all – excellent museums, grand temples, atmospheric shrines and lovely zen gardens. It is a city filled with Japanese history and tradition, but also modern, futuristic neo sci-fi streetscapes that make you feel like you’re a part of the Bladerunner movie. Here is our ultimate 5 day Tokyo itinerary with all the highlights of what to do in Tokyo.

Short of Osaka’s drinkable tap water , these are the cheapest drinks you’ll consistently find all around Osaka. Plus, they dispense both cold and hot drinks! One of the head temples of Zen Buddhism in the world is here, a sign of how steeped in history Osaka is. Nanbayasaka Shrine You wouldn’t forget this shrine if you walked past it.

The lion-shaped ema-den is 12 meters high, 11 meters wide, and 10 meters deep, and is a reminder of Japan’s history of Shintoism, before Buddhism entered its shores. A legend endures here of how Hozenji Shrine and its surroundings were destroyed during WW2, with the only survivor being a Fudo Myo-o a Buddhist spirit that represents discipline and firm moral character statue. Today, believers “water” the green statue daily, keeping it mossy, in the hopes that their wishes get answered.

Takashimaya in Japan’s a little different.


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